Monday 27 June 2011

The day before...

It's always the same, isn't it? The few days before a trip one would either wish the ground opens and by some magic one would just be there and everything sorted, or some dear soul would announce:"You know what? Why don't we just stay at home?"

Time is never enough, suitcases are always too heavy, and surely there are things cropping up last minute. And it doesn't even matter if it is a long or a short trip. The effort of thinking things through is the same. At least a longer trip hopefully makes the effort worth the while, but it bears more risks of getting it wrong, too.

Oh my...

Tomorrow morning 9AM I will be leaving for the airport, I still have a pair of pants to fix, I am sure that I packed the wrong clothes and not enough of them... seriously!... usually I take more clothes for a one week trip and this time it's three weeks... just that this is what airlines let you cary. They should provide space for the length of duration... and they should just have a price list for overload. If one could just book for it... So my suitcase is full of insect repellent and water depurification tablets but no socks... crumbs...

Additionally we have lovely weather here, could be sitting on the patio with a cold coffee with vanilla icecream, instead I am procrastinating on my computer because I am dreading to pack and re-pack my suitcase for the gazillionest time, and anyway, for Singapore and Sumatra they have thunderstorms announced for the entire week.

But all the moaning and growling won't help me, will it? So off I go and pack, and taking a shower would be a good idea as well... Oh those elephants and orangutans better be bloody gorgeous!

See you in three weeks time then - again: 'Oh my!' Me and no internet for three weeks - Well, I might eventually read that book that I have sitting around since almost three years.

Nope, he is not coming! Although hubby thinks it a good idea...

Ta ta

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