Thursday 24 March 2011

Dim T - Restaurant in London

What a wonderful finish to a great night out to London. On occasion of hubbies birthday we saw the HurlyBurly Show and of course one has to attach a nice dinner to it. Question usually arises, though: Before or after the show?

Before the show, one might feel the strain of digestive activity while cornered in a seat between a lot of people, but at least one doesn't go hungry, while after, one might already be tired or has a train to catch. This was the first time that we dared the latter, and it was fabulous for various reasons. First and foremost came the avoidance of above mentioned tight spot, while hunger was tackled by a decent slice of cake for afternoon tea, and second, the restaurant we chose was well worth the wait. On recommendation we had asked for a desk with a view, and I am not sure if that would have worked out that well at an earlier time with the restaurant fully booked. Additionally, the night light made it all even more worthwhile.

The restaurant we went to was 'Dim T' an Asian restaurant serving a wide range of dishes from all over Asia, and Chinese teas. Having secured a taxi in front of Garrick theatre we arrived at More London Place (Tooley Street) in a jiffy and only had to take a brief walk to the waterfront.

I only very rarely cross the Thames, and to see the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London together from this side is just very impressive, but to sit in a restaurant, and to eat good food while having this view is extraordinary.

My red 'Thai Curry with duck' was delicious and Detlef's 'Fire Cracker Prawns' were definitely crackling, at least when he decided the chilly should be eaten in whole it brought tears to his eyes. The boy just loves is hot! We had Dim Sum for starters which are not entirely my favourites, but that is more due to my personal liking rather then the quality of food. Detlef was happy to step in for me while I enjoyed the spring rolls.

We went there on a Saturday, had booked for 9:15 and about half an hour later the restaurant slowly emptied, and hence it was no problem to get a table at that window. After the starters we swapped places so that the birthday boy could have a look at the panorama as well.

This is a restaurant we definitely will visit again, the prices are absolutely reasonable, the food is delicious,  the view is priceless, and I even had the perfect company. A lovely night time walk across the bridge brought us straight to the Tube station and only a short while later we sank into our train seats in perfect timing. 

What a wonderful night out!

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