Saturday 12 November 2011

Back in Town

Yay! the joys of November... We are back in Tuebingen, my favourite little town in Germany, foR the wine fair. Oh, I am so much a creature of habit: we are in the same hotel with view on the river Neckar, and it seems that the number of swans has increased;when I woke this morning and looked out of the window 16 of this beautiful creatures had breakfast,dipping their long necks into the cold water. Brrr... Last year the weather was warm, this year it is rather nippy with 0C predicted tomorrow morning.

This time we are a bit smarter, though. We travelled with an empty suitcase... Well, full of blister foil it is. We will hit town now and tonight we will stock up on a few bottles of wine and some whiskey, I hope.

... And this is the first time that I am trying to block in the i-world entirely. A year ago I still used my cute little netbook and a camera, this is my first real test for the iPad with iPhone... Oh, how posh am I? However, the equipment disappoint's at least the standard browser. The i-World onl works well if one is familiar with the app-world. Thus this post has to be bland, no pix and not spell-checked. I find it somewhat peculiar that a good thousand pounds of equipment only work if a vast crowd of people produce bazillions of little code snippets for it. Strange world...

However, this is about our short holiday and not an IT blog. The sun just came out, and a town is waiting to be hit. So let' press the publish button and get out there!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Always yours