Saturday 28 January 2012

Yeeehaw! I am off!

Sorry, no advice... just sheer joy of going away! It's my annual girly week with mum to Fuerteventura, 20-22C, slightly windy, beach, all inclusive... my favourite club holidays at Robinson Club Esquinzo Playa.

During my first two years there I filmed and wrote quite elaborately, but now it will all be about re-fuelling and gaining focus for the month to come. Hope you enjoy the travel accounts from previous years.

Fuerteventura 2008
Fuerte - The Island
Fuerte - Dirary & Club Life
Fuerte - Shopping (unfortunately La Ola is closed now)
Fuerte - Jet Ski
Fuerte - What else?

Fuerteventura 2009 
Travel Diary
Travel Read