Wednesday 12 January 2011

Please, envy me!

The deed is done, the flight is booked, the deposit is paid: I'm going to Sumatra this summer. No, I am not just talking about it anymore, as I usually do, I actually am going to do it.

Almost three weeks, and here is the itinerary: 

28th June, 11:55
An airplane will arrive in London Heathrow at terminal 5 with a woman on board. She eagerly will make her way through the traffic to get to terminal 1 and then, ... you will hear two screams echoing through the whole of the UK... that is when my mum who just came from Frankfurt will meet me.

28th June, 17:10
Two ladies will be lounging in their business class seats to enjoy the flight with a stop in Munich to then arrive on

29th June 15:55
in Singapore where they will stay in the Orchard Hotel for  3 days. Mum has been there before, loves it and wanted more. Always listen to your mum!

2nd July 17:15
after a short flight the two will arrive in Medan on Sumatra to take rooms in the Swiss-Belhotel Medan, to stay for two nights before they will be heading into the jungle.

4th July
Hoping to be well acclimatised by then, they will join a group of four more people and the tour guide from RAW Wildlife encounters to begin their once in a lifetime experience called 12 day Elephant Odyssey.

15th July
The two ladies will emerge back into city life, and as I know them they won't be too keen into diving back into the noise and closeness to people. But good things have to end and after another night in Medan they will be heading home on the

16th July 18:00
This time the stop in Singapore will be brief and back it goes over night for a stop over in Munich on the

17th July
where mum will leave the plane to take the train home, while I will do another hop back to Heathrow arriving in the morning. That will be the day for which their husbands should brace themselves as they might not get a single word in. Almost three weeks away with limited means of communication... poor things, that will be a tidlewave of reports and stories breaking over them...

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