Saturday 23 October 2010

... and a little appendix!

I just had a long telephone call with my mum to discuss all the material and to help her translate the material Jess had sent. Well, turns out: I do not own a single piece of clothing we are supposed to bring. That'll be fun!

Shopping cotton based materials never worked for my shape. During the last winter sale I drove a shop assistant bonkers because non of the 'oh so loose cut' outdoor trousers would want to accommodate my thighs. I think I need to find an army shop!

And then they are recommending to bring Leech socks! What the heck is that? Particularly long ones?

I'm just kidding. I am very much looking forward to it and it actually sounds like the adventure I have been hoping it would be. I don't mind the leeches, I have more of a problem with big insects... argh!

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